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  • rebeccap83
    The Toleraine Dermo Cleanser is awesome, it's my go to every day morning cleanse (but for makeup removal 😬) - 8 months ago
  • askafacialist
    Love LRP - their Toleriane is my go to cleanser! I usually recommend it for my Rosacea/eczema clients as well. - 8 months ago
  • aconq1
    The Effaclar H definitely needs to be done twice to remove makeup (even light mineral powder), and do not get it in your eyes - its stings like nothing I've ever used. 🙁 - 8 months ago
  • lpetitesfleurs
    @just_claire_page yep, basics for me too for at least the next few weeks! Xxx - 8 months ago
  • just_claire_leeds
    @lpetitesfleurs I bought tolerarain lotion. The lighter one. Maybe fluid ... I'll check. I'm done with fancy skincare for now. Basics until it's under control the @drsambunting way, phase 2 is a little more exciting. I'm holding on to the hope that I may be able to use other things later on, that's skin appropriate anyway x - 8 months ago
  • lathertolashes
    Cleansing milk is really nice!! I like it a lot - 8 months ago
  • yuyibugueno
    @lpetitesfleurs - 8 months ago
  • lpetitesfleurs
    @yuyibugueno ooh I'll look into it now xx - 8 months ago
  • yuyibugueno
    @lpetitesfleurs what about the LRP toleriane dermo cleanser ? - 8 months ago
  • lpetitesfleurs
    @just_claire_page that's amazing!!! What did you pick up?? I'm even more interested in your skin program now mines acting up - 8 months ago
  • just_claire_leeds
    @lpetitesfleurs thanks lovely, I'm all stocked up though, boots had some LRP for £3! X - 8 months ago
  • lpetitesfleurs
    @beautypanning I only wear a bb cream and a bit of concealer, powder and blush, do you think it'd do the trick? Xx - 8 months ago
  • beautypanning
    I use the first one as a morning cleanse or as an evening second cleanse. Either you don't wear makeup in the area that is breaking out or just mineral makeup because it will be removed. The cleanser is awful when it comes to eye makeup or long lasting makeup. - 8 months ago
  • lilyheartbeauty
    I used the cleansing milk millions of years ago, it was nice and gentle. You can't go wrong with lrp - 8 months ago
  • lpetitesfleurs
    @just_claire_page lots of LRP bits are 30% or £3 off on @lookfantastic , plus there's an extra 18% off that works on some items! - 8 months ago
  • just_claire_leeds
    Nope but @larocheposayuki are my new love - 8 months ago
  • lpetitesfleurs
    @andreeavaleriastiopu thank you!! - 8 months ago
  • lpetitesfleurs
    @charl_0204 damn it. Any LRP that does? Xx - 8 months ago
  • charl_0204
    I've tried both and they just didn't budge make up . - 8 months ago
  • andreeavaleriastiopu
    The Effaclar H Hydrating Cleanser does not remove make-up! I just use it in the morning! - 8 months ago
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