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  • justplaincrystal
    Ohhhh beautiful! Happy late Anniversary! - 8 months ago
  • rhythmandrouge
    - 8 months ago
  • thepartyparrotblog
    You guys are so cute! - 8 months ago
  • lauraz72
    Such a beautiful pic! - 8 months ago
  • myskinandstyle
    So beautiful - 8 months ago
  • wineandskincare
    - 8 months ago
  • skinfromday2day
    You both look really sweet. 🏼 - 8 months ago
  • lisa_loves_skincare
    - 8 months ago
  • shahibeauty
    Wishing you both many more years together - 8 months ago
  • shivas_owner
    Oh you guys were high-school sweethearts? It's always so uplifting to hear such success stories. I truly wish for many more happy years together both of you - 8 months ago
  • mimid_marobu
    - 8 months ago
  • pinkaboutboxes
    So sweet! - 8 months ago
  • mytrendous
    Such a sweet picture! - 8 months ago
  • lathertolashes
    How gorgeous. I love it!! - 8 months ago
  • mar_preisler
    Congratulations my dear, to both of you. What a beautiful picture - 8 months ago
  • antiagingamber
    @dzsia aww thank you so much! You're always so sweet and kind to me! - 8 months ago
  • dzsia
    @antiagingamber u look not a day older then 30! God bless - 8 months ago
  • agabeautycorner
    @antiagingamber awww looking cute!!! Lovely couple! You are a baby and I do not mean it in a bad way. I will be 37 this year. - 8 months ago
  • lizalaskabeauty
    - 8 months ago
  • antiagingamber
    @skin_care_love aww thank you so much!! I wanted to look classic. I remember looking at my aunt's wedding pics and she was an 80's bride with the big hair, shoulder poofs, sweetheart neckline. You could tell she was an 80's bride from the pics. I didn't want people to be able to 'date' my wedding pics. With the simple dress, I thought the gloves were a nice way to dress it up a bit. So happy you like thank you for your kind words - 8 months ago
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