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  • oeisharon
    Wait.. i love the caption - 6 days ago
  • tanni_26
    Sorry but this quote makes the girl sound a bit of a dick! And ungrateful. Many girls would be more than happy with a dinner and a movie date - what if the guy was actually really nice??? I'd rather that than going on a date with some pretentious twat that thinks he's better than everyone else because he's travelled? Also if she "can't hold a steady job" how van she afford to constantly be travelling? Or having "no permanent address" ... it's not realistic. I'm sure many people would love to be in that position but ordinary people work hard and have families, bills and responsibilities..unfortunately not everyone has that luxury..@gigiloveslondon - 8 days ago
  • maschadrng
    - 8 days ago
  • melurena
    Read @vaneurenag - 9 days ago
  • passportsmatter
    Travel Like You Mean It! Awesome Photo! #PassportsMatter - 9 days ago
  • mr.dapperament
    That body - 9 days ago
  • justliesx
    So gorggg - 10 days ago
  • traum.tag
    Ein unglaublicher Herzenstext! - 10 days ago
  • liviabaur
    every single day you inspire me with your pictures and your autentic art🌍💭 - 10 days ago
  • _kavya_gupta__
    Sexy - 10 days ago
  • _kavya_gupta__
    Look - 10 days ago
  • _kavya_gupta__
    G - 10 days ago
  • mariannediffembach
    Preach - 10 days ago
  • strawberrylina
    love the caption erstmal das bild speichern, damit ich es immer wieder lesen kann - 10 days ago
  • sophiemariavittoria
    I couldn't agree more with this quote - 10 days ago
  • wanna_getlost
    love your account! - 10 days ago
    This is soo true!! Life is and should be an adventure... - 10 days ago
  • itsme.marco
    Amazing - 10 days ago
  • sarahkinzler
    @ltrimarchi maybe this is why - 10 days ago
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