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  • julieasadler
    Why not!! - 6 days ago
  • sd.concrete.pumpn
    @titoortiz1999 when are we going fishing? - 15 days ago
  • sd.concrete.pumpn
    @donaldjtrumpjr you forgot to invite me.... LOL - 15 days ago
  • _allaroundanglers
    Curaçao - 17 days ago
  • 1madwoman1
    My husband says, "Wherever you're taking me!" - 22 days ago
  • texastaggers
    Nice! - 23 days ago
  • finessed_tv
    @blacktiph some people say that the twinpower is similar to the Saragossa and that it’s not worth it... Anyways how big of a fish can the twinpower 1400 handle? - 23 days ago
  • blacktiph
    @finessed_tv It’s a great reel for the money, you will love it. - 23 days ago
  • the_minnow_man
    @extremephillyfishing big fan, i enjoy your YouTube content. fun, informative and none of this click bait with presenters screaming and doing stupid stuff for likes and votes. I feel the biggest issue is that DTJ is a well known big game hunter which doesn't really go down well plus his dad's climate change opinion (which can effect our fishing) are not generally in line with blacktip h's environmentally sustainable and catch n release lifestyle. - 24 days ago
  • aliexfolgueira
    Awesome man - 24 days ago
  • do._.better
    @forrest_sawyer1 Im Actually Not Even Unfollowing - 24 days ago
  • do._.better
    @peace.river.fossils yes it is my opinion, which is why I'm unfollowing - 24 days ago
  • bradyoakley11
    Stella is nice - 24 days ago
  • laxbrad10
    @_judge_mcleod Kid... look it up. He's under investigation for lying to the FBI, exchanging emails with a hostile foreign power, using a private email for government business, meeting with a hostile foreign power to collude against the US... I could go on and on. Again, not getting into an argument with a kid. As I said, have a good one. - 24 days ago
  • _judge_mcleod
    @laxbrad10 sounds like somebody does not have an answer! At least a legitimate answer - 24 days ago
  • laxbrad10
    @_judge_mcleod Google is your friend. I'm not going to get into an argument with a child. Have a good one. - 24 days ago
  • _judge_mcleod
    @laxbrad10 how is he a traitor? - 24 days ago
  • finessed_tv
    Hey Josh, I’m thinking about getting the twinpower. I live I. Southern California so I go fishing for some tunas yellowtails and cods and flounder. Any suggestion what a good reel is? - 24 days ago
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