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  • bumpsnsocks
    Plan to try both this year. - 16 days ago
  • huberwood
    @beartoothpassivehouse Would love to hear your results! - 21 days ago
  • huberwood
    @simpsonproperties Exciting stuff. Let us know what you think. - 21 days ago
  • doubcnst
    Scratch what I what I said I see the response you sent to hhproggesive - 21 days ago
  • doubcnst
    I would like to see the liquid flashing for zip system. Haven't seen anything on that in my area! Last time I tried to use the Huber foam it didn't pan out. It didn't fluff out like the picture, it was more of syrup that foam. Must've been a bad batch. - 21 days ago
  • simpsonproperties
    @huberwood I’ll be using AdvanTech subfloor and your new adhesive in a couple of weeks. - 21 days ago
  • beartoothpassivehouse
    Planning to use the Advantech and for the floors of our first Passive House build that is planned to break ground this spring - 21 days ago
  • pattisonandco
    Definitely planning on using the foam subfloor adhesive on the next upcoming remodel. - 21 days ago
  • huberwood
    @hhprogressiveconstruction AdvanTech subfloor adhesive is made from a heavy-duty, polyurethane formula that dispenses as a foam and quickly condenses into a high-strength gel adhesive. - 21 days ago
  • huberwood
    @jwalden2 Glad to hear it - 21 days ago
  • huberwood
    @shevcon_inc_custom_homes Sorry to hear that. We appreciate the feedback. - 21 days ago
  • huberwood
    @somrak_concept Now that’s what we like to hear. - 21 days ago
  • huberwood
    @labradesignbuild Good question. AdvanTech SFA is recommended for application down to 20 degrees. - 21 days ago
  • hhprogressiveconstruction
    What is that stuff made of . - 21 days ago
  • shevcon_inc_custom_homes
    Sorry, but we didn’t like the product. It doesn’t seem to provide enough cushion with the foam being so light.Also,using the special gun where you have to clean the nosing with solution every time you have to set it down say for lunch or any extended time without using it ,is just unnecessary hustle. In our experience in the filed this foam slows things down. - 21 days ago
  • jwalden2
    @huberwood i have to say the advanTech adhesive is some of the best stuff I’ve used. Starting using it a few weeks ago on a few small jobs and i don’t think I’ll ever use the other stuff again. The holding power is unheard of and set time is amazing. - 21 days ago
  • somrak_concept
    We have many excellent projects on the books and we will be using your products exclusively. The best subfloor adhesive around, and there is simply no beating zip system - 21 days ago
  • labradesignbuild
    It’s 0 degrees in Michigan right now. Would these work in this temp? - 21 days ago
  • tools_at_work
    Wish I could get the some of the guys by me to use this stuff. - 21 days ago
  • huberwood
    #AdvanTech #ZIPSystem #ZIPRevolution #keepcraftalive #buildersofig #construction #framerlife #framing #newconstruction #moderncraftsman #build - 21 days ago
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