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    awsome dress - 4 months ago
  • vnessapuig
    @ambeezeyy - 4 months ago
  • meghanseton
    @brookecarriehil you're failing, you're failing, you're failing. Ahhh. I can SERIOUSLY relate. Thank you for this post. I needed it. I'm about 8 months to go + had 3 cookies, forgot my hat got the beach today {got too much fun} + haven't booked my hotel yet etc etc etccccc. Thank you for posting real ish. You looked AMAZE + at the end of the day- you're right. Marry your soul mate + the rest will fall in place #rainandall - 8 months ago
  • _j.g.b._
    May I ask who did your makeup for your wedding? It's so hard to find a good make up artist!! - 8 months ago
  • maytelavieenrose
    You look stunning!! Congrats! - 9 months ago
  • chanelmiaprincess
    Congratulations dollI will read! I'm getting married next month🏻 - 9 months ago
  • jasmine_tosh
    Omg so pretty! - 9 months ago
  • hunterbellnyc
    You look STUNNING! Congratulations - 9 months ago
  • jennaachasee
    you look absolutely beautiful!!! so incredibly happy for u!!! you deserve all the great things in life, keep being you, it's what u do best!!!! xoxo - 9 months ago
  • naiaguirre
    - 9 months ago
  • halloween7
    I just read your post and I have to say Celestino is very lucky to have you because planning the wedding you demostrate your strength and with stress, anxiety, etc you make come true a magical moment for your love ones. So well done @brookecarriediaz (oh! you add Diaz) you have the perfect wedding with all the details in the right place. Beautiful pictures and 50 is too less 🤣🏼🏼🏼 - 9 months ago
  • kancchanlad
    Beautiful @brookecarriehil - 9 months ago
  • ericabachelor
    Gorgeous! 🏾 - 10 months ago
  • __viva_la_moda__
    Beautiful - 10 months ago
  • nancybarton95
    Simply beautiful xx - 10 months ago
  • karencruzcontrol
    - 10 months ago
  • marysalhany
    Beautiful I truly enjoyed reading ur wedding story 🏼 love the post and wish u all the happiness - 10 months ago
  • iamtansu
    I've literally #printedthispost and #putitonmyfridge - 10 months ago
  • outoncatwalk
    You look like a princess!! - 10 months ago
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