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  • nastyjvc
    Finally broke 80 today!!!!! @meandmygolf @andyproudman your tips and videos, Drills work surperbly well!!!!! - 4 months ago
  • power4par
    One or two piece take away? - 4 months ago
  • mbrandond
    I have no in between with my stroke. It is either a beautiful success or a disgusting failure. I am struggling to find consistency no matter how much routine I build in. This is becoming the case at the range and on the course. #WTF ?!?! - 4 months ago
  • landon_bond
    Club angle in your stance. Example: leaning the club forward or more in the middle of your stance. - 4 months ago
  • bd_golfking
    How to not hit 60 yards and under wedge shots fat - 4 months ago
  • nattiegolf
    @starsidedata put the ball towards your front foot and set up in the middle (with an iron) great drill to help you come less from the inside - 4 months ago
  • asher_grossman_
    How do i come steeper on the ball and making the divot after the ball? #500squad - 4 months ago
  • rubengarciadc
    How to stop hitting low/thin on face with the driver? - 4 months ago
  • davidm1026
    How to shallow the club on the downswing easily lol - 4 months ago
  • the.will.freisberg
    How to hit shots from around 80yds - 4 months ago
  • maison_m
    Adding power that doesn't translate into a slice! - 4 months ago
  • _conor_smullen
    How to determine your swing for an edge of the green chip - 4 months ago
  • mikeburbano
    What makes a different between a high chip and a low chip when it comes to ball strike and stance - 4 months ago
  • m_j_hunter
    How to avoid dipping in my swing - 4 months ago
  • brandondavis_lifts
    Drill for finding the bottom of the swing arc - 4 months ago
  • littleshow7777
    Thining out irons - 4 months ago
  • cgavc
    Keeping your feet down Mid impact - 4 months ago
  • jaredmurph89
    Could you explain the proper wrist hinge ? I find myself rolling my forearms from the start which sucks the club way back to the inside - 4 months ago
  • cody_hunt17
    I would love to see a video on how to shorten the back swing. When I get to the top of the back swing and my shoulders stop moving my arms continue to go back further and I really have no clue how to sync the two up completely. It’s the same way that Rory used to be back in 2013-2014. Thanks guys! Always love your content! #500squad - 4 months ago
  • savichaggar
    #500squad - 4 months ago
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