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  • rolandothorns
    @quincyacy Man of God in this season you have been walking in the potential of what God has called you to be but it’s time that you walk in the reality of who God says you are God is releasing shalom peace over You to heal you mentally emotionally psychologically and financially you have suffered a great loss but it’s time to recover it all I come against every assignment that the enemy has against you And I declare victory over you i hope you contact me immediately for it’s time to move 7022728675 - 5 months ago
  • saadifarooq
    Your country needs to ban guns. Period. You were in Toronto, how much safer did you and family feel? - 5 months ago
  • ebsoliz
    My heart is breaking for those families. What in the world did a 5 year old ever do to the murderer? - 5 months ago
  • bebehankins
    The world is a better place because of you @quincyacy & your wife @jessica_michaela. We pray for your strength & perseverance. - 5 months ago
  • s._dot_
    🏻🏻 - 5 months ago
  • carolinanatkime
    ☹️☹️☹️☹️🏼 - 5 months ago
  • arthu.rr
    So sad to hear a place of Faith and Love have to endure a tragedy that it did - 5 months ago
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