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  • chicken65chilli
    Disgusting - 3 months ago
  • moniqueocean
    @jbbassin456 and you go swim after and observe these sharks hours afterwards to confirm this? I think it’s one thing seeing it swim away, it’s another to make an assumption that the stress undergone in the haul and fight means that it will always be 100% fine. The reality is this kind of hunt has an affect on threatened shark species worldwide and like the cod in north qld barotrauma caused major issues to their survival after release due to swim bladder damage. Sharks don’t have them but the change in pressure from depth to shallow still impacts their physiology - 3 months ago
  • johnny_castro23x24
    Looks like a legal size to me - 3 months ago
  • johnny_castro23x24
    @jak9064 - 3 months ago
  • anthonyisfishing
    @mikeincamo i hope you don't breed - 4 months ago
  • thereelflylord
    Very cool :) - 4 months ago
  • missao_oceano
    @evanparness136 🏼🏼🦈 - 4 months ago
  • awnzhr_
    Saragosa 6k - 4 months ago
  • awnzhr_
    What is the recommend weight for saragosa to be used for? The weight of catch. - 4 months ago
  • lexy_erera_
    Adorable - 4 months ago
  • evanparness136
    @blakey_breeze_fishing LOL - 4 months ago
  • blakey_breeze_fishing
    @evanparness136 don't go crying when I machete a black tips head off in February to get a good shot of the hammer then. - 4 months ago
  • kckarwan
    @austin.farley44 seriously! Who wears boots and jeans to the beach? - 4 months ago
  • cbj69
    @blacktiph you should feature @lawson__lindsey in a video and get him some more recognition and maybe some more viewers that he definitely deserves. possibly even a sponsorship with @shimanofish ? - 4 months ago
  • jesse.cran561
    It was awesome meeting you Josh at walmart - 4 months ago
  • evanparness136
    @jbbassin456 not just talking about how long you keep them out of the water, also talking about how long the actual fight lasts. The longer the fight, the more lactic acid that builds up in the sharks body, which is why some people (including myself) use equipment that is more than needed to make sure the fight is as quick as possible. How long the shark is out of the water is a whole other issue. Some sharks are stronger than others & not as sensitive. For example, if you fight a big hammerhead for a long time, there is a good chance the shark will die due to extreme exhaustion & lactic acid. Just because a shark swims off does not mean it survived. If you are someone who just tries to use really light tackle for a better/longer fight, you’re selfish. You’re drastically increasing the chances of the shark dying. It’s irresponsible. Educate yourself before you kill a shark for no reason. - 4 months ago
  • jbbassin456
    @evanparness136 I've kept mako and blue sharks more than 5 minutes out of the water and they swim back with just as much fight in them as they had when I first hooked them and I've caught sharks with gaffs stuck in their mouths. They are resilient fish that are only going extinct due to Chinese shark finers - 4 months ago
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