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  • jbbassin456
    More fishing with trump jr - 4 months ago
  • finessed_tv
    @austinhoelke the tranx barley has any drag and not enough spool also too small - 4 months ago
  • austinhoelke
    @finessed_tv the torium cant fish freshwater for bass and such but the stradic can and the stradic can catch u saltwater fish u have both definetly prefer stradic but over both i prefer a tranx 300hg - 4 months ago
  • max_kosmalski
    2017 was and will be the peak of my career. There’s no way I can top a 500 pound sawfish check it out on my profile - 4 months ago
  • finessed_tv
    @blacktiph Hey Josh. I’ve recently looked between the Stradic CI4 And The Torium. I honestly don’t know which one to pick. They both have 24 lbs of drag. I will be doing mostly saltwater fishing for tuna and deep dropping. Occasionally I might fish at a lake or a river. I’m afraid the Stradic will get messed up in the saltwater. But other then that I look forward to you reply. Thanks Dude. - 4 months ago
  • todd_reddish
    Happy New year blacktiph! - 4 months ago
  • _jacksonryan_
    1 million subs this year! - 4 months ago
  • fishorlife
    Happy new year😀 - 4 months ago
  • jamesaklein
    10 years @jackradigan - 4 months ago
  • a.farajzadeh2017
    Happy new year - 4 months ago
  • crazy_alberto_knie
    Happy New Year @blacktiph ! Keep up the great work and catch'em up! - 4 months ago
  • crazy_alberto_knie
    Happy - 4 months ago
  • bigdsimmons
    awesome - 4 months ago
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