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  • quanmack
    @stanthemann_5 I appreciate that - 28 days ago
  • jesslynn425
    For me no this isnt true - 28 days ago
  • abyg4l
    Uh no, it's extremely easy to just say no and keep it moving. - 28 days ago
  • viva_lombardo
    No. I think it's quite the opposite. - 28 days ago
  • stanthemann_5
    @quanmack 🏾🏾🏾🏾🏾 An intelligent response backed by logical scientific evidence. 🏾🏾. - 28 days ago
  • ade_orisa
    It all starts with desire. Temptations speak to your innermost desires. But if the desire is not there, you won't be tempted, no matter how many times you get approached or by whom. - 28 days ago
  • 6william6plague6
    Proud of you loyal girls😎 - 28 days ago
  • quanmack
    Nah. The male hormone testosterone relates to sexual craving. Even women who receive hormones to turn into men report increased in sexual thoughts and desires. On top of that being approached is not the only factor in temptation, in fact visual stimuli leads to a much greater sexual response than simply being approached and women are much more visually stimulating than men. - 28 days ago
  • john.halfacre
    - 28 days ago
  • starryeyedpisces86
    Even on the scuzziest of days - 28 days ago
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